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Excellent Open House

Posted on August 31, 2006

by Scott Yoshinaga on August 31, 2006

We had an excellent Open House last night for parents of students in preschool through grade two. I hope you enjoyed the teachers’ presentations and learned more about their class curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices. I was able to look into classrooms and overhear their presentations. The faculty clearly are thoughtful professionals who have the highest regard for your children and who plan carefully to address students’ diverse needs. The next Open House, for parents of students in grades three through five, is next Wednesday, September 6, 6:00-8:00pm. We’ll meet first in the Dining Room, and then walk to your children’s respective classrooms.

You’ll soon be receiving an invitation to Mid-Pacific’s Moon Over Manoa, October 7, at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel’s Monarch Room. This is MPI’s main fundraiser that supports capital improvement projects on campus. It’s a wonderful evening that includes an elegant dinner, silent auction, special performances by the MPI Children’s Choir and MPI’s Pupukahi I Ke Alo O Na Pua hula halau, and dance music by Soul Café. There are several ways that you can help support this event — make a donation to your child’s grade-level basket to be bid on in the silent auction, donate an item to the overall silent auction, make a monetary contribution to the event, and/or purchase a ticket to Moon Over Manoa. Each class with 100% participation will receive a pizza party!

With regard to any donations to Moon Over Manoa, please bring in your donation or monetary contribution to the elementary school office. Make sure you’ve attached the donor form to the contribution.

I’m pleased to report two more afterschool offerings — hula and Chinese (Mandarin). Look for the registration forms in today’s packet. So we now have computer classes, sports for K-3, ukulele, guitar, piano, choir, art, Japanese, Chinese, computer, and hula. These enrichment classes are conveniently offered on our campus, and we’ve known most of the instructors for several years.

At the preschool Open House last night, we spoke to parents about valuing the development of dispositions as an educational goal. Early childhood specialist Lilian G. Katz proposes a tentative definition of a disposition as a “tendency to exhibit frequently, consciously, and voluntarily a pattern of behavior that is directed to a broad goal.” For example, children have the disposition of curiosity if they typically and frequently explore, examine, and ask questions about their environment. Dispositions should be included among educational goals at MPI. This is because the acquisition of knowledge and skills does not guarantee that they will be used and applied. Consider dispositions as the notion of “doing” versus “having.” At MPI, we value the disposition to collaborate, to take risks, to theorize and use high-level thinking, to learn from past experiences, to work with deliberate focus, to make connections, to stick with a problem or challenge and get past the impasse, and to talk and listen. These intellectual dispositions far exceed just having knowledge and learning skills. We try to help each child develop these valuable dispositions daily through our curriculum and teaching.

We received our new lunch trays, and some children are learning new skills — scraping the food scraps from their trays into a food bin, placing utensils into a receptacle, disposing paper napkins and drink cartons into the trash can, and neatly stacking their trays. One fourth grader remarked, “We have to do this every day?” to which I responded with a nod and smile.

Have a good Labor Day weekend with your family – rest and recreate!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey