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Mahalo to All!

Posted on June 1, 2006

by Scott Yoshinaga on June 1, 2006

The end-of-school-year signs are all around us — students sharing summer plans, yearbook signing, bag loads of gifts for classmates, class parties, students cleaning out their cubbies, and a faculty workroom table laden with zero-calorie (!) donuts, cookies, and cakes, all gifts from our families. It has been an amazing first year on this beautiful, rain-kissed Manoa campus, and it seems not too long ago that we were unpacking boxes and moving into our new school.

Students gathered on the lawn under brilliant skies for the annual Student Recognition Assembly. Students who have been of service to our school community were acknowledged with special certificates — autoline helpers (H.U.G.S.S. – Helping Us Grow with Service and Smiles), peer mediators, the Peace Team, choir members, the ukulele band, and basketball and volleyball participants in the Christian Schools Athletic League (CSAL). The assembly did go long because so many of our students are involved in these service programs, a testament to our students’ generous good works and positive attitudes. Thank you, parents, for your support and encouragement.

Mr. Black’s class impressed us with their original script and dramatization of events leading to the Boston Tea Party. They wrote the script, built the sets, designed their costumes, performed, directed and produced their play. Amazing. Every student participated either in the preparations or in the actual production. They left the backdrops hanging on the outdoor stage so that everyone could appreciate their creative ingenuity.
Check out photos of the play or the recognition assembly on the elementary website photo gallery.

Na Pueo Fly Up Day was today, Thursday, beginning at 8:30am. Students “flew up” to the next grade level to learn about what’s ahead next year. Older multiage students showed younger students around their classroom, shared highlights of learning projects and activities, or gave “advice” about how to succeed in that grade level. Ah, the look on your children’s faces! They have so much to look forward to!

Parents and families of Fifth Graders, students from Kindergarten through Fourth Grade, and the faculty attended the Fifth Grade Leavetaking ceremony today in the Dining Room. We acknowledged the end of their elementary school years and wished them well as they move to middle school. The students sang sweetly and pledged to share their gifts given to them at birth — wisdom, creativity, courage, strength, blessings, and faith — with their families and the community. The ceremony was followed by a potluck lunch for the new middle schoolers and their families. Many thanks to parents Lissa Wilson and Noelani Fernandez for organizing a bountiful lunch celebration.

The culminating school event is Field Day on Friday, June 2, on the baseball field, 9:00am to 11:00am. P.E. teacher Pam Jenkins, with support from our parent leaders Kim Soares and Wendy D`Innocenti, have organized water games and relays for preschool through fifth grade. Students on the school lunch program will be served a pizza lunch, and students who usually bring a home lunch and all parents will enjoy pizza provided by the `Ohana. Dress comfortably. Be prepared to get wet!

After lunch on Friday, you may take your children home. However, you must sign out your child with the teacher. Otherwise, we are more than happy to spend the afternoon with your children watching the premiere video production of the May Day performance in the Dining Room after lunch. `Olelo has not yet scheduled the dates for television viewing, but I’ll keep you posted via this elementary website. Should be the end of June.

Every school year should end with reflection, but I’m not quite ready because we will continue to have preschool through June 15 (we began the preschool two weeks late due to licensing delays). I do have a few parting thoughts, at least for now . . . .

The success of the 2005-2006 school year is attributed to all the members of our school community, beginning with the skilled, quality teaching and high regard the faculty have for your children. Our support staff, from the main office to technology to maintenance, provided us with generous assistance in all aspects of operating a school. Most importantly, you — our parents — have made it possible for your children to experience an MPI education. Thank you for working together with us. The fruits of our labor are sweet — just look at your children! They are amazing persons!

Have a safe, happy summer, and enjoy your children.

For your children,

Edna L. Hussey