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May Day Preparations

Posted on April 20, 2006

by Scott Yoshinaga on April 20, 2006

May Day preparations are well underway! Our 2006 annual celebration of Hawaii’s na paniolo promises to be a showcase of student talent. It will be held in the gymnasium on May 5, 12:30-1:30pm. Mrs. Koshi, our music teacher and May Day program director, invited several classes to the dining room last week to view Edgy Lee’s documentary on na paniolo in Hawaii so that students have an appreciation and understanding of na paniolo’ rich cultural history. I peeked in several times and observed kindergartners through fifth graders in rapt attention (most of the time!). When your children will perform on May Day, they will understand the stories they will have learned to sing and dance.

Several students have signed up for additional practice after school, led by Mrs. Vitarelli, one of our talented teaching assistants, who choreographed all the dances (she holds a fine arts degree in dance). We’ve also arranged to have the program taped by `Olelo (Hawaii public television). Many thanks in advance to the parents who have volunteered to work on costumes this Saturday, April 22, 2:00-6:00pm, in the dining room.

Your invitations are in today’s packet; invitations for all of the grandparents, aunties, uncles, and friends whose names you gave us for Grandparents’ Day are being mailed. School dismissal on May 5 is 2:30pm, and we will also offer afterschool care, as usual, However, you may also take your child home immediately after the program. We’ll keep you posted about parking as we get closer to the event.

By this time, I hope you have remitted re-enrollment deposits for your child(ren) or have spoken to me or the Business Office about not returning. I would really like for all of our students and families to continue at MPI. However, I realize that family circumstances which may affect re-enrollment decisions sometimes change. During nearly four months of admission assessments and meetings with interested families, we promised new applicants who would like to be at MPI that we would begin to fill available spaces this week. I urge you to please call the business office at 973-5108 if you have not returned the tuition agreement but intend for your child to continue at MPI. Every space in the preschool and elementary is valuable and should be available to children whose families are committed to MPI. Thanks for your understanding.

If you walk through Wilcox Building, you’ll see a delightful display of student work from preschool through fifth grade — illustrated books, wall murals, ceramics, collages, and prints. Many of the pieces were part of classroom inquiry or art class projects. Come and enjoy! Thanks to our art teachers Ms. Brooks and Ms. Hasley for setting up the exhibits, which we intend to rotate periodically.

At this morning’s monthly schoolwide assembly, high school students who are members of the MPI Nature Club shared their lively message about protecting our island environment through recycling. Ask your child about the 3 R’s! Students in Ms. Bailie’s multiage 1-2 class reminded us about Earth Day on April 22 by reciting the “earth pledge.” The Fifth Graders explained their `olelo no`eau (all classrooms adopted a special Hawaiian saying which is posted in each classroom). Mr. Black’s class sang an inspiring song (two students wrote the lyrics while the rest of the class sang, accompanied by ukulele virtuosos Gino Silvestre and Koji Clark). We ended a great assembly with the entire school singing one of the May Day songs. Parents are always invited to attend monthly assemblies, from 8:15 to 8:40am. Check your monthly calendars for the dates.

Continue to check your child’s class website for weekly updates on projects, excursions, presentations, homework, or curriculum explanations.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey

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