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Grandparents Day and Ho`olaule`a

Posted on March 16, 2006

by Scott Yoshinaga on March 16, 2006

We celebrated Grandparents in grand style this morning! Due to weather reports about thundershowers, we cancelled the large white tents which would have been set up on the courtyard, quickly made logistics changes (thanks to the efforts of our maintenance crew) and moved the breakfast and program to the gym this morning. And what a blessing in disguise that decision was! There must have been close to 500 grandparents, parents and family members in the gym! I don’t know how we would have accommodated everyone on the elementary courtyard.

The children’s performance, from preschool through fifth grade, was impressive. Preschoolers shared two melodies they often enjoy singing in the classroom, and the kindergartners boogie-woogied to a catchy tune about animals. Students in grades one through five performed a clever musical about building good character through fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters. We learned about responsibility, patience, compassion, and honesty, and chuckled at the witty lyrics our children skillfully sang. Then we walked up to the elementary campus for the classroom visits.

Grandparents were treated to hands-on activities (painting, clay work, block building, etc.) with their grandchildren in the preschool and kindergarten. I observed a variety of wonderful activities in other classrooms — children reading letters to their grandparents, biographical presentations about their grandparents lives, and inquiry presentations about students’ classroom research.

[Note: A grandparent left a red umbrella on our campus. Please claim it in the office.]

Many, many thanks to so many who did so much to support this successful event — Diane Koshi, our talented music teacher who brings out the best in our students; Pam Jenkins, who assisted Diane in all the preparations; the faculty for organizing the much-appreciated classroom activities; the MPI maintenance crew for their quick response to our facility needs; the middle school and high school for accommodating our use of the gym and surrounding facilities; our parent volunteers who helped with the continental breakfast and welcome table; and Margery Jacobson and Sally Shultz who pulled everything together from the office. What a team!

During the past three days, I served as chairperson of a team of educators from different schools to accredit a preschool/elementary school on O`ahu for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools (HAIS). The work usually begins long before the actual visit, and the visit is intensive from morning ‘til night. While I was impressed by the commitment and dedication of the teachers to their school mission and found the students charming, I was very happy to be back at MPI with our children, faculty, and staff. There’s no place like home.

Tomorrow, Friday, March 17, we will be taking Kindergarten through Grade Five to the Ho`olaule`a on the middle and high school campus at 11:30am. The faculty will be reviewing the price list with the students so that they can plan their lunch and games with the scrip you purchased for them. Scrip will be distributed in the classroom. You are welcome to join your child. I think teachers may have already arranged for parents to chaperone small class groups. If you would like to take your child home earlier (before 2:30pm), you MUST check your child out with your child’s classroom teacher, not another parent. The Ho`olaule`a should be fun for everyone!

The office will be open March 20 through March 31, 7:00am – 3:30pm. School resumes April 3. Many of the faculty will be taking well-deserved vacations during Spring break. I hope you and your family enjoy a fun, restful, and safe next two weeks.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey