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A Busy Week!

Posted on January 21, 2006

by Dr. Edna Hussey on January 21, 2006

If you were checking the elementary website, you probably noticed that I hadn’t included a Thursday letter yesterday. I’ve had more than the usual number of meetings this week — long ones! — but I’m happy to be able to write to you today.

Our afterschool enrichment program is underway. There was a change in school policy regarding the management of the enrichment program, which is the reason for the delay in getting the information to you. But we’re thrilled by the additional offerings in Japanese and music for the preschool, group and private piano instruction, and the possibility of yet another musical instrument. Girls in kindergarten through fifth grade will be coming home with a flyer for hula instruction. Most of the enrichment classes are full. If you have questions about these classes, please call our school office at 441-3800.

Several boys in grades 3-5 are on the Christian Schools Athletic League (CSAL) basketball team, which includes sixth graders from the middle school. I’ll announce game dates in the Thursday letters. First game is next Tuesday, January 24, at St. Anthony’s School in Kailua. All games are after school and begin at 3:30pm. Some are on the MPI campus, and the rest are on other school campuses on the windward side and in Honolulu. We’ll be cheering for out team!

Please check the Character/Christian education website for the “Heart-2-Heart Connection” information on developing and enhancing the emotional intelligence in children and nourishing a child’s spirit. Shirley Rivera, the teacher, has been writing thoughtful suggestions for parents. Delightful to read.

At our schoolwide assembly yesterday morning, under brilliant, sunny skies, we encouraged all students from preschool through fifth grade to participate in collecting coins for the Aloha United Way student program. We’d like every class to fill at least one plastic gallon jar (more would be great!) with coins. You can make this meaningful for your child. For example, have your child do some extra chores to earn extra money for this community service project. Aloha United Way is the major fundraising arm for many, many non-profit service-oriented organizations. Thanks for your support and for teaching your children about the value of giving to community needs.

Several Multiage 3-4 students in Tracy Andersen’s class read their haiku and color poems to the entire school at the assembly. We hope to have more students sharing their writing at our assemblies. We also ask students celebrating birthdays in the month of the assembly to come up and read the titles of the books they’ve donated to their respective classroom libraries. Six kindergartners held up their books for everyone to see. Books make the best gifts for the children.

You can tell we’re really settling into our new campus when the white fences protecting the grass and plants come down. The maintenance crew began removing the fences, and now the campus looks much more expansive. We’re leaving the fences around the preschool trike path.

Some neat sightings on campus: the emergence of a butterfly from its cocoon in multiage 1-2R . . . students in multiage 1-2L making ancient Egyptian face masks . . . making mummified chickens in multiage 1-2B . . . fifth graders using Garage Band (a software program) to compose their music for jumprope routines. . . a parent and grandparent in M 3-4F demonstrating how to cook stir-fried noodles and vegetables to celebrate Chinese New Year (Jan. 29) . . . kindergartners singing a classic 50’s tune in the music room . . . and so much more!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey