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Posted on November 17, 2005

by Dr. Edna Hussey on November 17, 2005

Amazing! In no time, it�ll be Thanksgiving, then December and your child�s conference. On December 1, look for detailed information on our website about the elementary school�s assessment system. I will be providing an informational session on November 30, 5:00-6:00pm, in Wilcox Dining Room, for parents who would like to better understand our assessment system.

In the meantime, students continue to select samples of work for their portfolios, which you�ll examine during the conference.

Former Epiphany parents have been asking about �Fun Days� or conference days when we took the first 60 students for parents who needed child care. However, this service precluded the teaching specialists, who provided child care, from being available to parents who wanted to also conference with these teachers. Beginning this year, the teaching specialists will be available for student-parent conferences. Please call Margery Jacobson at 441-3801 to schedule appointments on Dec. 5-6 with any of the following specialists: Shirley Rivera (gr. 3-5 character/Christian education). Diane Koshi (K-5 music), Jill Brooks (gr. 1-5 art), Jordan Hasley (preschool-K art), and Pam Jenkins (K-5 P.E.). I hope you�ll take advantage of this opportunity to meet with your child�s other teachers.

Over the past few weeks, many of you have been coming to school to hear your child�s inquiry presentation. Although you observe the final product, even more important than the presentation is the inquiry process your children experience over time. The process includes developing the skills for peer collaboration, asking questions, determining in on specific topics of interest, grouping and classifying information questions/topics, seeking answers to their questions by selecting and using a variety of resources (e.g., trade books, websites, excursions, experiments), and creating an appropriate presentation format (e.g., posters, power point, overhead projection sheets, props, etc.).
Over the school year, your children will encounter many more inquiry experiences. Learning is fun and challenging!

Congratulations to our girls� volleyball team members � Reina Nagayo, McKinley Horowitz, Taylor Matumura, Brittenny Ubasa, Victoria Eliazar,
Audrey Shoji, Alison Nichols, Dominiqur Fernandez, Kiele Schwinn, Sheri Tochiki, Madison Wilson, Alexis Green, Tracy Lem, Lauren Feldberg, Jayme Murakami, and Heidi Ra � for their hard work and effort. They played nine challenging, fun games with other Windward and Honolulu school teams.
Many thanks to our students� parents for their support and help with snacks.

We are fast approaching a very busy time of the year in school and at home.
I�m already thinking of where to get my Christmas tree, and the Thanksgiving turkey is still sitting in the supermarket freezer section. Let�s all be mindful of how our busyness and stress affect our children. Set aside time each day for reading, quiet time, and play with your children, especially during the holiday season.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey

Some addtional last minute information below:

From the Christmas Parade Co-Chairs:

Thank you for your interest in joining MPI Preschool and Elementary�s first entry in the Manoa Christmas Parade. Unfortunately, there has been some miscommunication, and the bus is already full. Due to safety considerations, all MPI school participants are riding on one bus. Priority was given to the preschool families. In response to a flyer sent to preschool families only, we received reservations and payment for 40 adults and 33 children.

The bus has thirty bench seats, which can accommodate 90 chidlren sitting three to a seat or 60 adults sitting two to a seat. The majority of the 73 confirmed participants are adults. We would like to keep families togather as much as possible, given that most of the children are age 4 and under.

We�re sorry that we cannot accommodate more participants from the school, but we welcome your support for MPI and the Manoa community by coming to watch the parade on December 10, at 6:00pm.

Message from the Multiage 3-4 (Andersen) class:


Dear School Members,

We are the 3-4 A CE class. We have a canned food drive for the St. Patrick�s Food Pantry. The food from the Pantry is given to many families in our community. The food drive is from November 22-23. Please bring foods to the office or drop off items at the morning autoline. Thank you.

Hana, Sunako, and the Multiage 3-4 A C.E. class

A request from Ms. Rivera, Character/Christian Education teacher:

We need six new cushion covers for pillows in the CE House. Dimensions are 18 inches square, preferably with a zipper. Please contact srivera@midpac.edu, if you can help.