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Portfolio Progress

Posted on November 3, 2005

by Dr. Edna Hussey on November 3, 2005

The faculty and I are deep in discussions about improving the students� progress portfolios. We want to insure that the portfolio process enables students to compare work samples taken from the beginning and end of the semester to determine improvement over time. Students will be asked to be more discerning and reflective on selections for the progress portfolio, to the best of their ability. The main goal for students is to be able to understand their learning processes across content areas so that they can apply how they�ve learned to different experiences. Look for an overview of the progress portfolio process in a few weeks so that you�re prepared for the parent-student-teacher conferences December 5-6.

The Preschool-12 Admission Open House this past Saturday, October 29, was quite a success! We had about 300 visitors to the preschool/elementary, and all of them impressed with the facilities and picturesque location. (You have to admit that the view of Manoa Valley is priceless.) Many thanks to parent docents Lisa Fife, Debbie Ramirez, Venice Hochman, Kim Sonson, Merle Kataoka-Yahiro, Gina Overton, Lisa Yoshimoto, Paul Czubryt, and Bikram Sahdev. Thanks also to student docents McKinley Horwitz, Alexis Green, Stephanie Wong, Kelsey Yoshimoto, Grant Overton, Kolya Chen, and Isabella Gigante. Middle school students � Chimera Fuller, Taylor Ann Loo, Olivia Overton, and Jordan Matayoshi � former Epiphany students, demonstrated the peer mediation process. Together, these volunteers were excellent representatives of our community. Thanks also to music specialist Diane Koshi and her chorus who demonstrated a rehearsal session.

Many, many thanks for your generosity in raising funds to send to the American Red Cross on behalf of Katrina survivors. We raised $2,364,81! This amount doesn�t include the backpacks that a 5th grade (5-M) and kindergarten class (K-M) are filling with games, stationery, books, and puzzles for school-aged children in New Orleans. Thank you, parents, for supporting the effort by providing baked goods, snacks, and other items for the sales.

Intuition, the school uniform company, will be screening and monogramming uniform shirts during December for delivery in January 2006. While stock will be kept on hand, this will be the last bulk order produced until August 2006. If you would like to place an order, fill out the order form downloaded from this site, and mail it with your payment to: Intuition, 908 Koae Street, Honolulu, HI, 96816. Orders must be received by December 1. If you have any questions, please call Kaylene at 735-8671.

Mr. Black�s 5th graders have been presenting their research reports on their study of Native American tribes. They�ve also built replicas of tribal housing, brought in artifacts, and some have cooked Native American foods. The Multiage 3-4 students are gearing up for their annual camp adventure at Camp Erdman next Wednesday and Friday. They�ll have some environmental awareness and team-building experiences.

Every morning I make it a point to greet every child and call each by name. I get the biggest boost from two M 1-2 students, Sean and Justin. Before I can greet them, they jump out of the car and chime, �Good morning, Mrs. Hussey. How are you today?� and have a big smile. I think it�s admirable to teach children to initiate a salutation with adults they know such as their teachers, instead of waiting for the adult to offer a greeting. Teaching good manners is a shared responsibility between home and school.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey