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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on November 23, 2005

by Dr. Edna Hussey on November 23, 2005

Since last week�s chapel services with the children, we have been talking with them about the concept of �thanksgiving� as a holiday commemorating the historic first gathering at Plymouth Rock and the human action of giving thanks for the abundance of blessings we enjoy as a nation and as individuals. The characteristic egocentricity of young children sometimes makes it challenging to teach them about gratitude. But this is a very important value we need to teach in the home and in school through our own modeling.

When we gathered together for the November assembly, we remembered to say the words �thank you� and to think about specific actions that demonstrate a thankful attitude. The 5th graders shared their self-designed school motto t-shirts and explained the genesis of the project. We acknowledged all students celebrating a birthday in November. It�s still heartwarming to see everyone, from preschoolers to 5th graders, gathered together around our �Great Lawn.�

Thanks, parents, for taking time from your work day to attend your child�s inquiry presentation. Can you imagine yourself at your child�s age (6 through 10) standing in front of an audience of adults and peers, sharing what you�ve learned and fielding questions? You�ll discover how each year your child�s inquiry and presentation skills improve over time. These inquiry experiences are collaborative endeavors during which time � sometimes over weeks �students use cognitive and social skills to raise questions, find answers, and share their understanding with others.

If you�re looking for child care activities on December 2 and December 5-6 (these are non-school days), one of our parents highly recommends the Honolulu Zoo program. Information was included in one of the Thursday packets several weeks ago (a bright orange card). The Zoo program is offered for students from Kindergarten through grade 5, 8:00am � 5:30pm, The cost is $45/day for non-members and $40/day for members of the Honolulu Zoo Society. To register, call Jaime at 971-7195.

On behalf of the preschool/elementary faculty and staff, we want to express our deepest appreciation for you, our parents, and your overwhelming support. When we reflect on our blessings, we know there are 250 children who grace our lives every day. Thank you, families, for sharing your blessings with us.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey