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Posted on October 7, 2005

by Dr. Edna Hussey on October 7, 2005

One of the most critical factors contributing to your success as an involved MPI parent and the success of your child is communication. I can�t emphasize enough the importance of clear and consistent communication between you and your child, parent and teacher, home and school. To this end, I�m hoping all of you are making it a weekly habit of reading the contents of the Thursday packet for information about school activities, special announcements, and your child�s classroom.

We are quite proud of our preschool and elementary website at Scott Yoshinaga, our elementary school technology specialist, designed the web log on which our teachers have been posting a variety of information, from weekly class news to homework assignments to photo galleries. My weekly letter and your child�s classroom newsletter are posted every Thursday (in some classes, every other week).

I think we�re ready to make this announcement: Beginning next week, we will not be sending out Thursday packets. We would prefer not to duplicate our communication efforts and contribute to the plight of our vanishing trees by sending home hard copies of my weekly letter and your child�s classroom newsletter. Our school website offers the same information. We have the capability of placing flyers and other notices as PDF�s on the website which could be printed or forms which could be completed and emailed back to our elementary school office. The Middle School and High School parents have already been getting all their information through Edline, and this internet mechanism seems to be quite effective.

Each week I try to visit briefly most of the classes. This place is buzzing with activity! If you check out our website, you can see for yourself the amazing things our students are learning and doing. For example, the Kindergartners are working on their human body inquiry projects, and in a couple of weeks, one class will be transformed into a Human Body Museum. A Multiage 1-2 class is working on their inquiry about vertebrates. The Fifth Graders are immersed in finding answers to the question, What is culture? They are examining the notion of �identity� by considering this concept via cultural artifacts. The Multiage 3-4 classes are investigating Hawaiian flora and fauna as part of their two-year study of the local environment. I see the older students have begun learning volleyball strategies on the playcourt (and what a great space for p.e. this is for our students!). Just yesterday, I couldn�t help but get caught up in the music class as students were learning musical rhythms through the integration of hand beats, word rhymes and patterns, and instrument-playing. And our Preschoolers have been exploring art materials and art concepts. Check out the Red Room in the preschool atelier (workshop). And I could go on . . . !

Have a good three-day weekend with your entire family. Try an outing at Bishop Museum this weekend or a Sunday picnic at the beach. I�m looking forward to finishing up a book (When We were Orphans) I�ve been reading. Perhaps Sunday.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey