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Spooktivity 2005!

Posted on October 27, 2005

by Dr. Edna Hussey on October 27, 2005

We�re happy to announce that the preschool and elementary got through the annual fire inspection with flying colors � no violations! A team of fire inspectors checked the entire school, preschool through grade 12, on Wednesday.

Spooktivity is always a fun day for the children. Because there�s already a lot of festivity planned for the afternoon, we ask that you please refrain from preparing any sweet snacks or goody bags for your child�s classroom. They�ll have more than enough when they go trick-or-treating on Monday or participate in holiday parties this weekend. Many thanks to the M 1-2 parents who helped the children create Halloween decorations for the Dining Room. We are grateful to Spooktivity co-chairs Wendy D`Innocenti (Tyler, M 1-2K) and Sara Muraoka (Kayla, M 1-2K) and the parent committee for organizing this annual event.

Lots going on in the classrooms:
Book report representations almost weekly. The Kindergarten Body Museum was open to the �public� (classroom parents) with the children serving as docents while guests participated in interactive centers.

Ask your children to sing the Halloween songs they�ve been learning in music class. Multiage 1-2 have gone on excursions to the zoo as they learn about the animal world as part of their science inquiry. Preschoolers are exploring the color red and discovering its subtle tints and hues. One preschool group is learning spatial concepts and collaboration as they build with large blocks. It�s a good idea to check the elementary website weekly when teachers download the most recent activities and include photo galleries.

Thanks for your contributions to UNICEF in the autoline. During the morning collection over the past two days, you have contributed nearly $200.
The children have learned through the Christian/character education classes that the monies will provide food, clothing, and medical supplies to needy children around the world.

I know all of our families have received letters from Noren Kawakami, the PTO president, and Kim Soares, our elementary `Ohana representative, asking for your participation in the Annual Fund campaign. I want to add how important your participation is more than the dollar amount that you contribute. Each year, all the contributions are used to take care of operating expenses not covered by tuition dollars. Your child�s education at MPI, to which you have committed your support, is definitely a commitment to the values, philosophy, and goals of this learning community. Every teacher, staff member, and administrator is grateful for your support of the school and our children.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey