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New Campus Update!

Posted on July 15, 2005

by Dr. Edna Hussey on July 15, 2005

Dear Parents of Mid-Pacific Institute,

We�re back online after having left the Kaimuki campus and setting up temporary quarters in the Hartley Tech Plaza conference rooms. (We had to move the server.) We mailed information packets with forms, checklists, and the parent/student handbooks at the end of June. Many of you have come in to order the correct t-shirt sizes for your children.

On Monday, July 18, the school office staff and I will begin moving into our new home in Wilcox on the elementary campus! Just today, the phone and data lines were being installed, and the construction crew has begun cleaning up the building in preparation for July 18. Wilcox will also house the music room, computer lab, dining room, a conference room, and health room. Needless to say, I am ecstatic about setting up the offices.

The classrooms are coming along nicely. Most of the work is now finishing work � cabinetry, window trims, etc. I�ve scheduled the containers with our classroom furniture and materials to be delivered the last week of July, so teachers will be working hard to unpack and set up their classrooms.

Most of the entrances onto the elementary school campus have been paved. On July 21-22 and July 25-26, access to the elementary campus will be restricted because of excavation and preparation work on the road into the main campus. Entry through Kaala will be diverted to Armstrong on August 1-4.

I�ve asked our tech coordinator, Scott Yoshinaga, to download some photos of our departure from Kaimuki and the elementary school construction. Please visit this gallery here.

Teachers will be in meetings and room preparation beginning August 5 � 12. I�ve already had meetings with the preschool and kindergarten staff to discuss the daily schedule and logistics for the first week of school.

Beginning July 19, you may begin calling the new preschool/elementary office number: 441-3800. However, please be patient because we�ll still be in the process of organizing our offices.

Some dates to note on your calendar:
� August 11, 4:30 � 5:30pm: Orientation for New Students and Parents
� September 1, 6:00 � 8:00pm: Open House for Preschool and Multiage Grades 1-2
� September 8, 8:00 � 8:00pm: Open House for Multiage Grades 3-4 and Grade 5
� September 17, 4:00 � 6:00pm: Welcome Barbecue for All Preschool/Elementary Families

We are in the process of planning the �official� grand opening of the new school in late August, after school has started and classrooms are ready for the public. We will be sending invitations to this historic event later.

All my dreams over the past few months have been about school, school, and school! Packing, moving, planning, cleaning, setting up, teachers, students, etc. What an incredible new beginning for all of us!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey
Preschool & Elementary