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Principal Edna Hussey's Thursday Message: April 21, 2005

Posted on April 21, 2005

by Dr. Edna Hussey on April 21, 2005

Dear Parents of Mid-Pacific Institute,

If you recall last week�s Thursday letter, I explained that the classroom teachers, specialists, and I would be inaugurating the first edition of our elementary school website. Well, here we are!

Beginning today, you�ll be able to navigate our website anytime during the week, with the more recent postings every Thursday after 1:00 p.m. Go to You might check the teachers� webpages more frequently, as they update you with special activities of the week or post announcements. Some classroom webpages will include an iPhoto gallery so you can readily zoom in what�s going on in class. You can also view other class webpages so you have an overview of the school �landscape.� Some teachers may not post new information each week, so check with your child�s teacher(s).

The Thursday packet, now virtual, is our primary means of school-home communication, so we want to ensure that the transition goes well. For this reason, as we iron out some of the logistics and formatting, we�ll be sending Thursday packets home until the end of the school year, particularly because we�re concerned about families who have not responded to our email survey last week. For example, you�ll see my Thursday letter in electronic layout. Our website will be up and running today, so we encourage you to use the website. Next year, we will communicate with our families through the website. Thanks to Scott Yoshinaga, our tech coordinator, who designed our website template and provided the in-service training to the faculty and staff.

Congratulations to 5th grader Mari Erdman (parents Dave & Tamae) for her winning painting, Tropical Fish, in the fifth/sixth grade division for the MOA Hawaii Manoa District�s 17 annual contest, �Beauty through the Eyes of Our Children.� Seven winners were selected from this division among eight elementary schools. Her painting will be displayed at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, the Academy Art Center at Linekona, April 16-23. The awards ceremony and reception, open to the public, is this Saturday, April 23, 10:00 a.m. Hearty congratulations, Mari and proud parents!

By this time, you should have already submitted your tuition agreement and deposit to reserve a place for your child in the elementary school. We sincerely thank you for your continued confidence in MPI.

A number of parents inquired about postponing the deposit payment to MPI until they had received word from other schools to which their children had applied for admission. The only date agreed upon by member schools of the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools (HAIS) is May 10, the �common response� date for families to inform schools which have offered their children a space, whether or not they have accepted the school�s invitation for admission. Enrollment in private schools is a competitive process, and thankfully, several schools want to accept new students. However, every independent school is free to set its own deadlines, just as any private institution or business is.

The students are busily preparing for May 6, our annual May Day celebration, at 10:00 a.m. This will be our last program at the Kaimuki Pavilion, so we hope that all our families, grandparents, and friends will join us for a special aloha to our Kaimuki gathering place.

In mid-March, we enclosed information in the Thursday packet about an incredibly priced 5-night trip, June 7 through June 13, to Kansai, Kyoto, Nara in Japan for $1,100, inclusive of round trip airfare, ground transportation, several meals, and some guided tours. This trip is being offered to all interested MPI families but is not sponsored by MPI (MPI is not responsible for any part of the trip). The final deadline for reservations is April 22. For more information, please call Keiko Morimoto of Office M, Inc., at 735-0739 (home), 497-2069 (cell), 735-0740 (fax), or email: Don�t miss this opportunity!

Several weeks ago, associate executive director Dr. Marilyn George of the Western Association of Independent Schools invited me to serve on a team to accredit an international school in Saipan. I assure you, any person appointed to an accreditation team is in for an intensive time of observations, discussion, reflection, analysis, and writing. However, the learning experience, valuable ideas, and professional development are well worth the time and effort. I leave for Saipan this Friday, April 22, and will return to Honolulu May 1, after a quick weekend trip to California for my son�s college volleyball state finals. Expect my next Thursday letter to provide you with some highlights of my Saipan experience. Otherwise, I can be reached via email,

Last night, April 20, I spoke to MPI�s Board of Counselors, a group of about 25 friends of MPI� parents, business leaders, community members, alumni � about my passion, our elementary school. I shared highlights of our program through a Power Point slide show and answered questions. They are excited about the new life and vigor we bring as the elementary school and will be among our strongest supporters.

At our April assembly this morning, our students were treated to Multiage 3/4B�s inquiry project on the construction process of our new school buildings on the Manoa campus. We learned about laying the foundation and the infrastructure; we saw beginning and current photos of all the classrooms and the space for our playground structures. The children also brought samples of construction materials like tape for the pipes and metal edging. I told the students that in our May assembly, we�ll talk about the packing and moving process to Manoa.

Finally, the children enjoyed their two hours at the Ho`olaule�a. (How are those fish, parents?) They played games and had the most fun at the dunking booth where some potential baseball players (many of them Kindergartners!) pitched a few balls squarely into the target. Thanks to teachers Jon Kissida, Pam Jenkins, and Bruce Black for being such good dunkin� sports. Hopefully, we�ll have more time to participate in the planning and suggest game prizes other than candies. The children are already talking about next year�s Ho`olaule�a!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey