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Middle School Core Competencies

Posted on November 26, 2017

by Dr. Dwayne Priester on November 26, 2017

Today, our middle school curriculum is directly connected to interconnected components. One of those components, The Middle School Core Competencies, is comprised of skills essential for student success in high school college and beyond. The Middle School Core Competencies represent four intellectual, personal, and social skills that our students will develop during the course of their schooling. These four Core Competencies are Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Leaders of Learning. These competencies are embedded in every discipline and area of student learning and activated throughout their daily learning experiences and activities.

The Communication Competency encompasses a core set of skills and abilities that are important for our students in order to exchange information, ideas, and experiences effectively and to interact with and explore the world around them. The Critical Thinking Competency embodies the knowledge, skills, and processes associated with the intellectual development demonstrated through both creative and critical thinking. The Collaboration Competency is essential in helping our students develop the skills, habits, and dispositions for working within a community to accomplish a task or shared goals. Finally, The Leaders of Learning Competency is best represented in personal and social awareness and the importance of individual responsibility.

The Core Competencies are foundational and evident in every area of student learning and uniquely represented in each discipline. In order to ensure student understanding and mastery of learning, each teacher in the middle school has dedicated time to work with our students as well as making sure they understand the importance of the Core Competencies. As an additional measure, our middle school teachers have developed a profile of each competency and processes for assessing the level of student understanding. The profile includes different facets and definitions of each core competency, stages of student development and learning, and opportunities to provide students with feedback about their learning.

This Middle School Core Competencies, in addition to other components of the curriculum, are designed to ensure that our students are provided with the skills necessary for future successes. While we are in the early stages of implementing these Core Competencies, we are excited about the positive feedback already being received.

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