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The Gift of Honor

Posted on October 20, 2017

by Dr. Dwayne Priester on October 20, 2017

"Remember, respect is earned, but honor is given." - Craig Groeschel

Earlier this week, one of our beloved and highly respected teachers, Dunn Muramaru, officially announced that he would retire from teaching effective December 2017. After a 36-year career of positively impacting students, both in and outside of the classroom, Mr. "Mu," as he is endearingly known by many, decided that he would like to devote more time to his family and baseball - two of his greatest passions.

In a recent conversation with Mr. Mu, emphatically stated that he merely wanted to go quietly - no parties, or fanfare. Those who know him well understand that he shuns the limelight. Quickly reminding me, as if I did not know, he explained that he does not teach or coach for accolades or recognition. Instead, he is motivated by his love and passion for "his kids" and an unquenchable desire to simply serve. For this, and many other reasons, Mr. Mu is a highly respected man.

As a part of the Mid-Pacific community for the past 10-years, Mr. Mu's impact is clearly evident. He routinely devotes time to tutor students when they require additional help, arrives at school events ahead of everyone to assist with setup and remains to help with break down. Tirelessly, he offers his support to colleagues and community members - all without the expectation of recognition.

For this reason, I want to celebrate and give honor to a man of service - a beloved and respected teacher and member of this community. Although Mr. Mu will continue as our head baseball coach and substitute teacher, we simply wish to bestow him with the honor that he so richly deserves during his final two months of teaching.

Thank you, Mr. Mu, you will leave an indelible mark on the teaching profession and our Mid-Pacific community. The honor is ours.