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Bringing Our Learning to Life

Posted on October 3, 2017

by Dr. Dwayne Priester on October 3, 2017

The highlight of my days are the opportunities I have to walk through classes and to inquire of our students, So, tell me what you are working on? Without fail, they eagerly explain the purpose of their projects in detail and with enthusiasm.

When developing instruction across the middle school continuum, our teachers routinely create lessons designed to deliver content underpinned by a core set of skills and focused on breathing life into learning. Several days ago while walking through Language Arts, I noticed that students were learning the mechanics of poetry. Instead of taking the traditional path of reading a series of teacher-selected poems, our students were learning the various genres of poetry and style by developing art projects that demonstrated their understanding of the author's message.

One student who carefully explained the purpose of the merits of this activity said, "this project helps me to understand what the writer was trying to say." After a few moments of further discussion, it was clear that the visual representation breathed life into the lesson about poetry. As educators, it is important to realize that tests and quizzes alone often fall short when attempting to fully gauge our students' learning. When we create the capacity to communicate learning through various mediums learning becomes more dynamic.