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Empowering Students with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Posted on August 6, 2017

by Dr. Dwayne Priester on August 6, 2017

"In our world today, what is a student more likely going to need to be able to write: an essay or a blog post?" This question pushes some people to a place of discomfort" ― George Couros

While educators have dedicated a noteworthy amount of time focusing on the fundamentals of instruction (reading, writing, and sciences, etc.), there is a growing need to also direct attention to entrepreneurial skills: collaborative learning; critical-thinking; problem-solving; transversal competencies - such as learning to learn, social and civic competence, initiative-taking, and cultural awareness.

Today's world has undergone copious changes. Technology has signaled a need to change the way we prepare our students for their transition to college and career readiness. While the fundamentals of instruction remain an integral part of our students' instructional needs, empowering them to adapt to a rapidly changing world is essential. In order to make this happen, there must be an intentional focus on the part of educators to guide their students to daily make use of their entrepreneurial skills. This means creating opportunities for novel situations to solve disparate problems, helping students to understand that they can fail forward and grow from their mistakes, and ultimately encouraging them to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Over the course of the summer, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Parker Wagnild, a Mid-Pacific student, who embodies an entrepreneurial mindset. Embracing the challenge presented to him by the faculty of Mid-Pacific, he chose to spend his summer interning at Think Tech Hawaii. Understanding this rapidly changing world, Parker is committed to taking advantage of the skills, tools and training afforded him to positively make an impact.