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Honoring The Voice of Our Faculty and Students

Posted on April 15, 2017

by Dr. Dwayne Priester on April 15, 2017

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Mrs. Funk modeling for her students.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am excited to report that the trial period of the 80-minute schedule was met with overwhelming approval. Over the course of the past two weeks, both faculty and students have shared the benefits of teaching and learning respectively within the block schedule. In addition to scores of positive comments, it became apparent that the 45-minute schedule was insufficient in meeting the needs of our community, as I walked through our middle school classrooms. In fact, many of our faculty and students requested that we not return to their regular schedule.

As a project-based learning environment, our students require greater uninterrupted blocks of time to engage in meaningful learning. Excessive transitions in their day can often impede their ability to engage in opportunities to apply the information learned. In the past two weeks, many teachers and students have shared, "we can actually take our time." As a Middle School and larger Mid-Pacific community, we have always enjoyed the honor of building supportive relationships with our students. The extended time in classrooms will support and deepen opportunities for a greater student-to-teacher and student-to-student relationships.

With an understanding of research, personal observations, and most importantly, honoring the voice of our faculty and students, we have made the decision to complete the academic year with the 80-minute block schedule. While this will cause little impact to the Middle School's academic day, it was important that you understand the rationale for this change. As always, I deeply appreciate your unwavering support and welcome the opportunity to address any questions. Feel free to contact me at 808 973-5023.

New Middle School Daily Schedule:

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6th and 7th-graders learning across grade-levels.