Girls Water Polo - Mid-Pacific Institute

Girls Water Polo

Girls Water Polo at Mid-Pacific

Team Schedule and Scores

Date Opponent Location Time Score
Feb 27PunahouPunahou6:00
Mar 1KamehamehaIolani5:00
Mar 8KamehamehaKamehameha6:00
Mar 9IolaniIolani6:00
Mar 15PunahouPunahou6:00
Mar 31PunahouPunahou2:00
Apr 5IolaniKamehameha5:00
Apr 7PunahouIolani9:00
Apr 10IolaniIolani6:00
Apr 12KamehamehaPunahou5:00
Apr 18ILH TournamentKamehameha5:00/6:00
Apr 20ILH TournamentKamehameha5:00/6:00
May 3-5HHSAA State TournamentKamehamehaTBA
Season Record: 0-0

Date Opponent Location Time Score
Feb 24IolaniTBATBA
Feb 24Le JardinTBATBA
Mar 1PunahouIolani4:00
Mar 3KamehamehaIolani1:00
Mar 6Iolani/td>Punahou5:00
Mar 10Sacred HeartsKamehameha2:00
Mar 10KamehamehaKamehameha5:00
Mar 15Sacred HeartsPunahou5:00
Mar 29Le JardinKamehameha5:00
Mar 31PunahouPunahou1:00
Apr 9ILH TournamentPunahou5:00/6:00
Apr 11ILH TournamentPunahou5:00/6:00
Season Record: 0-0

Date Opponent Location Time Score
Feb 20KamehamehaKamehameha5:00
Feb 21IolaniIolani6:00
Feb 24PunahouTBATBA
Feb 24Le JardinTBATBA
Mar 2KamehamehaKamehameha4:00
Mar 12Le JardinPunahou5:00
Mar 15PunahouPunahou4:00
Mar 13IolaniIolani4:00
Mar 31PunahouPunahou10:00
Apr 3ILH TournamentTBA5:00/6:00
Apr 6ILH TournamentTBA5:00/6:00
Season Record: 0-0

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