Girls Tennis - Mid-Pacific Institute

Girls Tennis

Girls Tennis at Mid-Pacific

Team Schedule and Scores

Date Opponent Location Time Score
Feb 21Island PacificKalaeloa4:15W, 4-1
Feb 23IolaniIolani4:30L, 3-2
Feb 26MaryknollHome4:15PPD: Rain
Feb 27MaryknollHome4:15W, 4-1
Mar 1KamehamehaKamehameha4:00W, 3-2
Mar 3PunahouHome10:00L, 5-0
Mar 7St. Andrew'sHome4:15W, 5-0
Mar 9Hawaii BaptistHome4:15W, 4-1
Mar 14Le JardinHome4:15W, Forfeit
Mar 15St. FrancisHome4:15W, 5-0
Mar 17MaryknollHome12:00W, 4-1
Mar 20KamehamehaHome4:15
Mar 21Island PacificHome4:15
Mar 31St. FrancisHome9:30
Apr 2IolaniHome4:15
Apr 4Hawaii BaptistHome4:15
Apr 6PunahouPunahou4:30
Apr 9Le JardinHome4:15
Apr 11St. Andrew'sHome4:15
Apr 16Clay Benham ILH TournamentCORP8:00
Apr 17Clay Benham ILH TournamentCORP8:00
Apr 18Clay Benham ILH TournamentCORP4:00
May 3-5HHSAA State ChampionshipsCORPTBA
Season Record: 8-2

Date Opponent Location Time Score
Aug 29PunahouAway4:15PPD: Rain
Sep 1MaryknollHome4:15W, 3-2
Sep 6IolaniAway4:30L, 5-0
Sep 7PunahouAway4:15L, 5-0
Sep 8Hawaii BaptistHome4:15L, 3-2
Sep 19St. AndrewsHome4:15L, 3-2
Sep 21Punahou - BlueHome4:15L, 5-0
Sep 22KamehamehaHome4:15L, 3-2
Sep 28KamehamehaHome4:15L, 3-2
Oct 3IolaniHome4:15L, 5-0
Oct 12Punahou - BlueAway4:15L, 3-2
Oct 16Punahou - GoldHome4:15L, 3-0
Season Record: 1-10

Date Opponent Location Time Score
Nov 3KamehamehaHome4:15PPD
Nov 7IolaniAway4:15L, 4-1
Nov 8KamehamehaHome3:00L, 3-2
Nov 9Punahou - BlueHome4:15L, 5-0
Nov 14Hawaii BaptistHome4:15PPD: Rain
Nov 16Le JardinHome4:15W, 5-0
Nov 21Island PacificHome4:15W, 5-0
Nov 28Punahou - GoldHome4:15PPD: Rain
Nov 30St. Andrew'sHome4:15W, 4-0
Dec 5MaryknollHome4:15W, 4-1
Dec 6Punahou - Gold Home4:15L, 3-2
Dec 8Hawaii BaptistHome4:15W, 3-2
Season Record: 5-4

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