Jun 5
Mid-Pacific Institute News

MPI Athletics Award Banquet


The MPI Athletics Award Banquet was held Wednesday, May 30,
at the Pacific Beach Hotel.

MAJOR AWARD WINNERS -- From left to right Scott Motobu, Bryson Beirne, Mallory Kurosumi, Kelsie-Ann Mita, Ashlyn Young, Travis Niederhauser, Reese Haine, Miya Quinn.

MAJOR AWARD WINNERSScott Motobu, green & white male athlete award, presented to the underclass varsity boy and girl athlete that is self-motivated and displays outstanding hustle, effort, and attitude.

Bryson Beirne, most inspirational male athlete, presented to a varsity boy and girl athlete who shows outstanding determination, inspiration, and leadership ability.

Mallory Kurosumi, most outstanding female athlete, presented to the varsity boy and girl athlete who in a sport or in several sports has achieved outstanding performance.”

Kelsie-Ann Mita, most inspirational female athlete

Ashlyn Young, female scholar athlete award, presented to the senior boy and girl who combines scholastic excellence with outstanding athletic ability and participation.

Travis Niederhauser, male scholar athlete award

Reese Haine, most outstanding male athlete

Miya Quinn, most outstanding female athlete

Not shown: Keaton McFadden, green & white female athlete award


This award recognizes the exceptional achievement of earning letters in three varsity sports in one school year. From left to right, Bill Villa, Ashlyn Young, Jaime Rivera, Mallory Kurosumi, Amanda Lee, Joshua Mun, Kelsie-Ann Mita.